Nepali NLP Group conducts research and development activities in the field of natural language processing. Our research combines findings from linguistics with methods in machine leaning to develop efficient algorithms to process texts in Nepali.

Broadly, we work in the following areas:

  • Nepali NLP, morphology, parsing

  • Information extraction, data mining

  • Text analytics, social medial analytics

  • Linguistics resource development: corpora, lexicons

  • Data Acquisition and Preparation

    by Shreeya Singh Dhakal on July 8, 2017

    Data are key to any natural language processing and machine learning application. Machine learning algorithms learn from a predefined set of data. So, it is important that you feed the algorithms the right data. Also, it is equally important that ...

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    Tags: Data Mining

    A Brief Overview of Natural Language Processing in Nepali

    by Ingroj Shrestha on July 5, 2017

    Natural language processing is an area of computer science concerned with programming machines to understand and analyse natural or human language. It is a set of techniques that lie at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Computational Linguistics(CL ...

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    Tags: NLP